Up Jumps the Devil

My sis fighting it out in the Hospital at Research.  Right cross the US 71, only a couple blocks away,  on thanksgiving,  a burglar murders two people in a house, then the police kill him.  It’s like this horror movie.  I look up on the net to see, to see if the story was true about Ronnie Deffenbaugh, who fell off a operating table during surgery.    By jingo, it was true story!  Another guy..the same thing happened to him.

Two doors down is all quiet, where Yuri Ives lived.  He got murdered a few months ago.   Some people he met off of Craig’s list.  Some people who were relatives of Bambi’s friend Florence were killed at the double homicide over on the 2500 block of Benton.

Apartment 8 has the cops come and haul off her grown child for the umpteenth time.  He has some sort of craziness..and goes nuts all the time ranting and raving unintelligible stuff.   He demanded from one of the prostitutes: “well, where is the video tape we made of you having my baby?”  (He don’t know her from adam.).   You’ll see that around here quite often.. people walking up and down the street ranting and raving.

I stop at the Burger King on Troost, where bums of different stripe are hanging out in the dining room.. asking, “are you gonna finish that sandwich?” I was at the Wendy’s up by Research Medical center..  ordered some food.. set my coke down to pick up my burger..and someone stole it!  I couldn’t believe it, there was only one guy sitting in the dining room.

There is the World Web.. but there is also the web of people.  People’s lives are threaded together,  perhaps like never before, and they can be as total strangers.


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