Scary Movie

Bambi comes up, and cleans up the kitchen for me.  She is sad because her friend Florence died.  Florence died of a heart attack.   They got into a big fight over Fred.  I do not know why people get onto Fred.  He’s a womanizer, but what man isn’t?  He’s hustling for a buck, but who ain’t?  Bambi is going to the Salvation Army to see if she can get her prescriptions paid for.  Bambi has a bunch of them.

Bambi is all sad over Florence.  I am all upset over my sister.  You never know, what someone’s pain is like, until YOU experience it..get a taste of it!  Bambi is a really sweet woman, everyone in this building likes her.   I do not know what to say about these doctors.  It is like a Robin Cook novel or something.  You can only GUESS that they are doing good for you.. and keep PRAYING!

I watch “A Course in Miracles”,  this book is about forgiveness.   That is what Marianne Williamson’s lectures are about.  They are about dealing with your emotions.   These really help me, but others do not like them.  I like them though.

I go see my sister on the tubes and ventilator at the hospital.  Did she deserve this shit? Not at all.  All her critters are waiting on her.  She just got some of those mini horses.  Her dogs.  She pulled many a colt..delivered many a horse, and doctored many a stray animal she found in the ditch.  This is her real..”thing”.   It is alarming how ill people are at the hospital.  The doctors?  They act like they are just guessing.. just guessing at this shit.

Who knows what is gonna happen in this world?  I give a guy 37 cents at the B.P. .. eh he’s a meltdown..but what the hell.  He’s all over me with profuse blessings.


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