Pray and Keep on PRAYING

That is what it is like, yep.  Life is like a living, continuous prayer.  I do not think anyone has it made, not all the way.  Life seems more like this horror movie than anything else.

You find the pot of gold, but don’t look behind you;  there is a monster standing there.  Everybody else you meet- they must be praying too.  We are in this delicate web, connected by these gossamer strands.  It is one long, LONG.. lesson in humility.

Some of the greatest people in this world, no one will ever hear their name, and they never will be mentioned.

Say it again:   Life is just ….ONE LONG LESSON.. in HUMILTY.

Do you think you’re the worst off?  I have people come over here crying, adults because they need the simplest medications.. such as Benadryl.  I keep a big medicine chest, and I am not talking about dope.  I always have essential oils on hand, Tea tree oil is always there.. aspirin..Maalox.   People come to me all the time with their faces swoll up,  because they can’t afford the dentist or the Dr. visit… or there just isn’t time.

It is scandalous, the shape some poor souls are in,  around here.


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