Four Shootings in One Night

Four shootings in one night, within a mile of my place.  There was a double shooting at Independence and Maple.   I went past the BP Convenience store, they had it shut down.  Must have been something in that store parking lot.  The other two were down behind the notorious FAST STOP, a convenience store on Independence Avenue.  *groann*

The shootings happened last night.  The Trick or Treaters are out, but none come around.  They go up to the wealthier section of town, not even bothering with the houses around here.  My sister still in the ICU..and her experience is like a horror movie.

When someone is sick like that, it reminds you of how frail people are.  They are frail as birds.  Still, the fur flies, and people are at one another over just about anything, almost any type of perceived insult or slight.

I am watching the 1980’s “Cannibal” movies.  This was a series of movies that were banned for a long time.  There is Cannibal Ferox,  Cannibal Holocaust,  and Last Cannibal World (or Jungle Holocaust).   There are others.  The content is quite gory, but the reason they were banned is because they actually used animals in the scenes.  They killed animals making the movie.  They also had unabashed nudity.  There is one scene, in “Last Cannibal World” where the cannibals are examining a male victim’s genitals.  For most of the movie, the hero is running around buck naked.   Very graphic,  on the level of pornography,  I guess this is why they were banned.   These movies were all made by Italian directors.   They are pretty good, actually.  Interesting storyline.  Not the usual Zombie or Vampire stuff.  Frightening.  One curious thing; in the ones that I have watched,  there is no blood when people get shot.   It certainly has everything else!  Intestines, brains, and huge amounts of blood.

Actually, there was a case of Cannibalism in Kansas City, KS some years ago.  One fellow decided he was going to REALLY save on his food bill..but then he got caught.

Oh well.  Tonight I went across the street and got some hamburger at the Mexican Grocer.  I will make some of the Lunch truck tacos that are on the recipe I posted below .   They are good.

2 Days Later:   They find a guy .. got his throat cut over a bottle of vodka.  They also find out about the victims of some of the shootings down the street, and Independence and Maple.   A scary Halloween, indeed.

3 Days Later:   Some poor guy gets nailed with a crowbar.  In this hood it could have been over nothin’.  Twenty bucks.   This was down on Hardesty just south of the McDonalds.  About a mile away.  Like a cannibal movie.


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