What is the Best thing you ever had? A Drink of Ice Water

My sister still in that ICU.  It’s like torture for pete’s sake.  The best thing I ever had personally, the best food or drink, was that first drink of ice water when I had my surgery.  That was the best thing I ever had.. better than any alcohol.. better than any coca cola or tea.  That was the best thing I ever had.

My sister can’t have any water.  Just these little sponge swabs of water and she would suck them greedily.  It is terrible when something feels so ‘out of your hands’.  It really does.  I can’t demand they just yank the tubes out, and undo what has been done.  I wish she’d have never had the surgery.

The poor and unknown go through all kinds of torment.  It’s all around me. Linda’s seizures, and Bambi’s health problems.  Has anyone ever heard of these people?  I think not.

There is plenty of torture to go around for EVERYONE.  I think I will wear a Dr. Uniform for Halloween. It’s like people just torture and torment one another.  No one, but NO one gets to escape.


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