Make a Pound of Hamburger go a Long Way

I like to make Lunch Truck style tacos.. they are very easy, and a make a pound of hamburger go a long way.  I like them much better than the Taco Bell.   They are fast to prepare.  Get a big pack of the soft corn tortillas.

I use Cilantro (a tangy herb that looks like parsley). tomatoes chopped up (Roma will do).. and season the meat with this:
– crushed red pepper.
– garlic/pepper mix.
– cumin
– chile powder.
– salt.

The meat’s not over the top, but it is not  bland either.    I squeeze a lime over the vegetables, sometimes the meat just before eating it.  The corn tortilla is cooked in the same pan as the hamburger for 1 minute per side.  You just soften and warm the tortilla.    Cook up the meat, then put it in the center of the tortillas on a plate.    Put as much cilantro and tomato n there as you want.  Then,  I top with some La Costena  Green salsa.  This salsa still has a pretty good kick.   Of course you can use any salsa you like.  Sometimes, the cheap mild salsa at the $1 aisle is good enough.

Making these tacos,  a pound of hamburger goes a long way!  I get about 12 tacos per pound.  These are soft tacos, by the way.  I calculate that it costs about 30 to 40 cents per taco, depending upon how much the pound of hamburger costs.  You only need a bit of cilantro.  I love the way this tangy herb spices up the taco.  I bought the limes on sale next door, at Abbarotes Mi Familia, 20 for $1.  To squeeze the lime juice on your tacos really “authenticates” the experience.  These tacos are great, and I eat them all the time.


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