Like a Horror Movie

I keep are trying to write my story, but real life is more like a horror movie than anything I could make up!  It’s Saturday night and the boys are out front getting drunk.  I can hear the beer bottles clink and howls of laughter.  At least this bunch doesn’t get into fights like the other guys we had living upstairs.

I like to sleep, that is my favorite thing.  My favorite fantasy is being on a spaceship that is going into deep space, and I am in suspended animation.  I imagine how peaceful it would be to be out in space, nothing but the noise of the fans, the air ducts of the spaceship.  This is what it was like, when I was in the Navy.  It was peaceful out there.

Maybe I will go out over the road, driving a truck.   The hours were long and grueling, but it was kind of peaceful, most of the time.  Sometimes, it was kind of scary though, when the weather went bad.  You’d be surprised how bad the weather can get, out in the country.  Then you’ll break down, and be stuck for days waiting for repairs.  The roads get closed.  I remember when I-40 would get closed at Asheville, NC when they would have a rockslide.  I hated driving back east-period.   Accidents will close down the interstate.

My sister in the ICU still,  she’s having a lot of problems.  Man there are so many problems around here- it’s like this Horror movie.   Gotta get some Halloween candy, but none of the trick or treaters generally come up here.

One bright spot is those little apartment dogs.  One guy across the street gave the girl upstairs a little terrier pup.  He’s black and white, and just as cute as he can be.  Scrappy and Scruffy are here too.. and someone has that little Chiuhaha.  These dogs are quite a comic relief.

I hope my sister gets better, so she can see her dogs.  She has those Jack Russell terriers- very good dogs.  She also has these mini horses, horses that are less than 36″ tall.  I haven’t visited them in person yet.

There is always the fly in the ointment .  TROUBLE grows silently, continually, and unbelievably.  Nobody has got it easy, not perfectly easy.

Maybe, there isn’t SUPPOSED to be peace.  Maybe, that is not in the grand design.  I look at other people, and think “oh God, that must hurt, that it’s got to hurt!”

When people aren’t sick or injured, they are at one another’s throat.  *groannn*  They’ve got to rest up, so they can start fighting, criticizing, etc.  It’s exhausting, so they get sick so they can recharge their batteries.


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