What Fragile Glass Humans are Made of

I go up to the hospital and see my sister.  Her condition is terrifying to behold. Her big grey eyes are unfocused and confused. There are  tubes coming to,  and from her body her breathing shallow,  and forced.  What a battle she’s raged in her life, her brief little life.  She’s fighting for her life now.. and that’s what people are all doing- fighting for their lives.

How I wished I could have talked her out of the surgery. People act as if they were made out of stone , made out of steel. So much of daily activity seems senseless, pointless.

People act like they are invincible,  and they treat other people like crap.  They’ll take huge risks with their fragile little bodies.  What is more,  they will treat you the same way they treat themselves.  I’m praying now,  for my sister, hoping she will keep her strong little legs still so she can heal.  They cut her nearly in half.

My life is filled with such struggling, nobody people, trying to make the best of it.  Their lives are just one thing, after the other.  Oh God how people get sorted out.  It is awful to behold.

As Bob Dylan’s  song goes;  ‘You don’t put on any airs, when you’re down on Rue Morgue Avenue.’

Now, I am back at the apartments.. Freddy Joe has some deal lined up,  to get furniture.. Wants me to haul the stuff in my truck…I let him talk me into it in the middle of the night.  *groann*… so him and Bambi can make a hundred dollars on their garage sale.  I cannot get over people’s affectation with furniture.  When it comes down to it, that furniture ain’t gonna help you.  Fred’s gonna sell this on the sidewalk, so GOOD ON HIM.  Fred’s got the enterprenuer zeal, he’s like this ant, bless his heart.

My sister and many others in hospitals all over the country struggle in this night.  It is always NEVER what, or who,  you expect, as in the case of my poor Aunt Norma.

People seem the saddest, most frail things.  I can hardly look, half the time.  Every day people take risks, like Freddy Joe who has back problems, diabetes, and a hernia you can hear squish on his side, tugging this furniture like an ant.

Like ants, and then they get hammered.  Kids?  I wouldn’t put no poor little kid through this shit.


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