Avoid Grief- have no Friends

That is my take on it.  I want for life to be a novel that I write, with all sorts of adventure, yet, no one really gets hurt.  There is one quote by the Buddha, that expresses this.  People have all sorts of problems, and sometimes huge ones.  It is not only the celebrities on gossip magazines, who are being traumatized.

The little gal next door, who has that piece of junk Metro, needs me to take her up on I- 29 to fetch the car.  My sister is having exploratory surgery tomorrow morning, my brother broke up with his girlfriend, whose house is being foreclosed on, my aunt is very ill with spinal cancer.  My cousin’s son got stabbed badly in a fight up in Maryvale.  I want to live in an underground bunker,  and write stories about pirates,  detectives catching the crooks and bringing the world to order.

In a novel,  no one ever really gets hurt.  No one gets sick.  They all have plenty of food.  Many people do lots of good in this world and their deeds are unseen, and under appreciated,  if they are ever appreciated.

I seem to have some friends, which really surprises me.  I’m different than other people.  To really know other people seems to be, to experience their grief.  They are like these haunted houses, some of them are.

Around here, and in my family,  it’s like watching these trapeze artists,  and man, I don’t even want to look.  At night, you still dream about people. 


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