The Many Stories of the World

There are many different stories  played out in the world.  Like invisible  screenwriters who are cranking them out over and over again.   The story of whoever is reading this, for example. The universe cranks out endless stories and descriptions.

There are many,  many different realities in this world.  We are always trying to learn how, to figure it out.

I think of myself as a caveman drawing on the wall.  That is why I write this blog.  Today the headline news is;  I am going to make some pumpkin pie, from the  I love to write more than anything.

I got this computer, and by golly, I’m gonna get my money’s worth.  Phuck Thelma Thistleblossom.  I will start out my sentences however I want.  I am more into computer stuff than language anyways.   This is good enough, for my cave man painting.


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