The Joys of Simple Activity

After reading the news, and writing on the story that I’m working on now, which is naturally a serial killer police story.  The most refreshing thing,  is to walk outside, and watch Bambi and Fred sell their junk on the sidewalk as people come by to hang all over this stuff, which is just junk.  I’ll go to the Mexican grocer and buy some hamburger and other stuff.  They always have good hamburger.

It’s rewarding too.  Bambi just gave me a big box of pinto beans and canned corn.  Only me and Fred like the beans so I’ll cook them up and we will devour them right then.  When they are fresh,  that is when they are the best.

After all the negativity in the world in personal relationships.  The hype of Hollywood and the noise of politicians it is refreshing to go up and talk to Bambi.  People are walking their little dogs around, little apartment dogs.  These are the best dogs.  They make a lot of noise when a stranger comes around, but if they know you,  they’re friendly and loving .  We had one tenant that had a real mean, black muscular mutt.  Champ was it’s name.   That dog would tear your leg off if it had a chance.  People used to say that Pam, made him mean on purpose.  I like the crew of dogs, that we have here now.  They’re all right.  There’s Scrappy,  Scruffy, a Chiuhaha, and a couple of other little terriers.  These are good dogs.

I like going to the Mexican grocer.  They always have cheery mariachis playing in the background.  I know the butchers well, and they have explained to me most of the Mexican cuts of meat.

This is more fun than the movies I watch.  It’s certainly more fun than reading the political news, and it’s certainly more fun than the strife and squabbling around me.  People have bad things happen to them, and quite often.  So it is a refreshing change from the poverty, crime,  gossip and strife that I’m so accustomed to.

I got a bag of apples, and me and Bambi are gonna try our hand at some apple pie.  I got the crusts on sale from Aldi, those freezer crusts.  I hope this will be a improvement over the frozen kind..which are kind of so-so.

Meanwhile the family squabbling, and apparently the same strife is sort of all over.  People are unhappy and dissatisfied with just about everything, and everyone.  Then, they get mad and start fighting.


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