Terrists? I’m Terrorized all right

Terrorists?  I’m scared of these people right around here. In Northeast you’ll get ripped off in a heartbeat.  You can do as little as look the other way, your stuff will be gone.  I take Linda to pick up our stuff in my F150.  Someone stole some of her clothes, left out on the curb in a pitiful black trash bag.

I have always found it strange, the way women cling to household items. After she got evicted, the wolves  just fell in on her.  That is the way of the inner-city.  The joy of predation.  Or the joy of being nuts.

I often feel like if I passed out or something, got sick, I’d wake up with my clothes ripped off.  I would be aroused by the feeling of crabs pulling at my flesh.  Welcome to America.

The terrorists are creeps?  There are a bunch of creeps living right here.  Some people, staggering around here, man.. I don’t even know what is holding them up.   How do they keep going?  They make the feelings of mercy flow over me.  Then- they will do something that annoys me.

I just found out old Dave Hart got robbed when he was walking down to Apple Market.  One white guy, one black guy.  That same week, some people across the street in the other apartments got robbed.  Hmm.. this was just like when Dave Singleton got robbed out front in his car.  The cops got called, but basically- they don’t do shit.  In Northeast they are working call after call.  That is not to be derisive.. when the cops DO get a hold of somebody.. they don’t fuck around.

People are crazy.  They got poor Dave Hart’s $25.  But if they’d a got caught.. well.. it would not be a good thing for them.


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