A Course in Miracles

I am watching this video now.  It has lots of spiritualist writers.  It is about human suffering, and how to deal with it, or end it.  I like the video, but it seems hard, because there is so MUCH suffering in this world.

If it is not your own suffering, then it is observing the suffering of others.

Hmm.. maybe I am naive to the world around me.  I just found out from one gal that she, indeed, was taking drugs.  Intravenously.  Life is hard enough,  I just don’t see how people can take that shit.  Man you cannot tell about people, at least I can’t.  Some people that I knew that were stone junkies, had close cropped hair, looked physically fit, and appeared well heeled.

I think of my one Auntie.. she never did ANY of this stuff;  now she has cancer.  I’ve never even seen her drink a beer.  It blows my mind, actually.  There are so many scenarios in this world.  People are in many different situations and states.

A Course in Miracles is partially about, not letting things affect you.  I am always reading such texts,  always looking for that magic marble.  A Course in Miracles deals with forgiveness. Famous speakers, such as Marianne Williamson base their teachings around this book.


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