Destiny, one of the street girls, is found dead.  The Law of Cause and Effect in operation.   The woman took chance after chance, and lived a dangerous, reckless life.  People are like that in the inner city.  There’s the idiot “Stop Snitching” campaign.   Local crooks are appealing to the  citizenry for support.  Meanwhile, there is plenty of problems and turbulence.  People are getting their homes foreclosed on out in the Suburbs. People are getting sick and injured.. all sorts of stuff happens.

It is hard, to stay out of the shit, let me tell you.

Two nights ago I walked into the 7-11 and some kid was about to rob it.  Dunno if he decided not to because I walked in there as he talked to the clerk,  the cops showed up in force a few minutes after he left.  He walked out, and the clerk said; “that guy had a gun on him.  He was out in the parking lot,  waving it around.”  That was a trip.  The guy had looked at me, with intent, but I thought he was a panhandler.  He followed me, but changed whatever was on his mind, and went in to buy something or talk to the clerk.

Today,  I was talking to one of my neighbors, he said some guy hit him upside the head at Snyder’s grocery.. tried to rob him, but he wouldn’t give up no money.  We were cruising down to 27th and Monroe, to Fred’s mother’s to pick up some furniture; THEN.. he told me another story. A story about one of his friends that came home, had a knife sticking in him.  The knife still in his body.  I dunno if this is true or not.  Scared the crap out of me.  People have told me stories before,  and I didn’t believe them, then; I found out they were true.

My life is like a dreamlike trance.. and these people are having these experiences in it.  I am focused upon my own experience, not even noticing the other people.  When I do notice them; I am terrified.


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