Through the Cracks of American Cities

People have devastating problems around here, that could be solved for a few dollars.  Cars, for instance.  Often people cannot afford to fix their cars.  A solution for that could be to just sell it.  Junkmen are paying up to $400 for cars around here.  With, or without the title.  However,  this might be driving the price of used cars UP.   Yup you can get $300 outta the sled, title, or no.

The bus CAN be used to get around, but it is really not practical.  You can get stranded, on a Sunday, for instance.  The fare has really gone up, too.  It costs $1.50 to ride nowadays.

Buying the car is just the start of the expenses on it.  They have the “personal property tax” around here.  Inspection, insurance, and other fees bump it up to about $350 to get a car legal.

THEN.. there is the angst of getting your car stolen.  People do that around here, they do it out in the suburbs.  It is a devastating blow.

It happens to the rich, also, and it is nothing new.  Doris Day, for instance, was married to a monster.  That guy should be strung up.  There are all sorts of games being played in the world.  Nothing, is as it seems.  In life it is hard not to become completely cynical.

We should treat one another as if we were golden,  but unfortunately, we do not.


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