The Guy with 2 Different Shoes

There is this one guy, a crazy guy, that runs around in Northeast.  I always see  him over on St. John street.   I saw him down on Emmanuel Cleaver a few nights ago,  far from where he usually hangs out.   He always has two shoes on.  One shoe will be a tennis shoe, the other will be an Army boot.  Sometimes, one will be a tennis shoe, and the other will be a – whatever.   He’ll sometimes have a loafer on one foot, a oxford on the other.

It is depressing, seeing the same old people out there.  They are ALWAYS homeless.  They are out in the street, or in the bus stations.  There is crazy Flo.  Once, Bambi said; “They like being homeless.  That’s what this one dude told me.”

People are crazy.   This guy is harmless.. asked me for a ride, but I am leery of people.  Weird stuff can happen around here.

There are people in this ‘hood that are living like animals.  No running water.  No hot water.  No place to cook stuff.  If you were homeless..where would you take a shower?  Where would you go?  What would you do?


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