At the V.A. Medical Center

I go to the V.A. to see about my hand.  Why is the little finger numb all the time?  At the V.A. it is a relief.  No one is robbing each other!  No prostitutes.. no drug dealers.. no- bullshit.

Maybe I should have done my 20 in the service.  That is what my pappy wanted me to do.  Back in those days, people were really down on the military.. it wasn’t the “hip” thing to do,  but you can have a excellent career in the military,  even a non violent one.

I had electronic school, worked on a Fire Control radar.  This was WAY back in the days when the first personal computers started to appear.  The Altair.  The IMSAI computer.  With tiny 8K memories programmed with little switches.  They didn’t even have a monitor.

HOWEVER.. the military back then, on the cruiser, had a kind of “Lord of the Flies” mentality.  Living on a ship with 1,000 men cooped up.  People would fight with each other, bully each other,  fuck with each other.  We had riots once in Guam.   Tied up next to the USS Long Beach,  a fight broke out.   The military is filled with young kids.    Seeing that haze gray constantly.   On the open sea live is GREY.  The sky is gray, everything is grey.  I am glad I did it now though!


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