Arthur Bryant’s Fries

I go to the V.A. ER.  On the way back,  I stop and get a $3.15 order o’ Bryant’s french fries.  These are HUGE.. like 2lbs of french fries!  At the V.A. it is nice, modern.  Yep.  Good deal.  It is nice in there.  On the way back, the landscape changes considerably.

I go down Prospect, breaking the speed limit, but who gives a hoot?  I am anxious to just get THROUGH that part of town.  Prostitutes are lurking, leering at me,  then you go through the underpasses where people are sitting around, ragged and dirty people.  A couple on oldbicycles, ain’t looked like they had a bath in a week.

Hmm.. right on my route home, 900 block of Linwood,  there was a triple homicide.  Right in the time frame too.  I didn’t hear nothin,  see nothin.

I get back, and split ’em with Fred.  One thing about old Fred, he is thankful, for whatever he can get.  If you offered him half of your sandwich he’d snap it right up.  If you offered him half of your can of green beans, he would be thankful.  Fred likes beans, but Bambi don’t.   I will make a slow cooker full of the pinto beans, trying to get better each time.  Fred scarfs ’em right up.

There are MANY such people in the inner city.  Fred and Bambi have their apt furnished with stuff Fred scrounged out of dumpsters.  Eh.. some of it is pretty good!  Bambi polishes it up.  His place is in good shape.

He and Bambi were homeless for a long time.  I think that this experience is branded upon them.  I give him the 1/2 order of fries, which is still just HUGE..and we enjoy ourselves.

I love these fries, but they are bad for you.  I only do this once in a while.  YEAH!  But with ketchup and some coke they are so.. so.. GOOD!   I rush to get ’em home while they are still hot.


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