My Cheapo Cams Catch the Action

Yesterday about 14:00 the lady down in #3 gets robbed.  My cheapo Cam system captured the perps going in and out of the building,  but not the actual theft action.

The perps B.S. their way into the building, get into the old lady’s apartment, and take off with her laptop, purse, and check book.   The cops are up here looking at my tape and everything!  The attention is fun.  I just have a old VHS deck, with ONE tape, and a multiplexer.  The multiplexer was dirt cheap.  I believe it was less than $15.  The Time Lapse VHS deck was about $23.    (Multiplexer: allows you to set up to 16 cams on ONE VHS tape deck.)

“I suspect everyone, and I suspect NO one.”  I like the cops, I really do.  They are polite and helpful.   I got nothing but respect for them.   They were pretty smart piecing together what went down, from the tapes.  My goal is not to get thieves thrown in jail, though it would be nice.  My goal is to make the building safe, and bounce undesirables out of here.  One or two busts, or even getting the cops pointed in the right direction, will make this place safer.

“An Ounce of Prevention, beats a pound a of cure. ”  You can get a lot of cheapo security stuff from Ebay.  Even a simple device, will often work well.

This petty thievery is nothing new around here, and it gets even worse.  Well, we don’t want it on our street,  nor in our buildings.   It is hard to catch them.  It seems like they rarely get caught.  These stupid phucks walking around here think they are in a Jason Statham movie.  *groann*

People around here are in a sorry state, physically.  I know I am.  That lady is on a walker, can barely walk.  Other people have physical and mental problems.  Like crabs in a barrel, are the poor. 


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