Aldi’s Reggae is the Best Spaghetti Sauce

Just cooked some up, with sauteed mushrooms.  Cooked the mushrooms, set em on a plate.  Cooked 3/4lb hamburger while I boiled the pasta.  The hamburger was lean, so I left the grease in there, and just dumped the pastas sauce and mushroom in there.   AND….

It was great.  I didn’t have to add anything to the sauce.  This is the “Cheap” brand of Aldi spaghetti sauce by the way.  They have a “premium” brand, but who needs it.  That sauce (meat flavored) was the best one.  Better than Ragu, and better than the Apple Market ones I get.

The Apple Market $1 Spaghetti sauces turn brown when they are mixed in with the hamburger and mushrooms.  It still tastes good,  but I like mine nice and tomato red.  The Aldi’s is better.

  • has a nice red hue to the sauce, and stays that way.  Important.
  • Even the lightly coated pasta tasted very good.
  • I agree with their balance of spices- nothing else is needed.
  • $1.18 a jar.

Hit the spot… YUMMY!


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