The Proud Possessor- of a Doorbell

One guy come over, ringing my doorbell off.  Heh, I got the batteries out of it.  *Proudly*.. I am the ONLY one in this building that has got a doorbell, with the exception of Fred, who I gave one too.   The cheap ass dregs in this building won’t get one, even though you can get a wireless one cheap- $7-$12.  Yep that’s right folks.. I am the one who has got a door bell!

He’s ringing it, wanting me to use my truck in one of his hustles, which usually involve taking scrap metal to the recyclers.  The lines at these places are LONG on Saturday.  It seems to be the biggest business in the ‘hood.

This dude, who I suspect was shooting up meth with his toothless GF,  got booted out of the Apartments for non payment of rent.  His unemployment ran out.  He is a ex-con, flakey, and aggressive.  This whole ‘hood is full of people who can be- dangerous.  It ain’t exactly Silicon Valley..but a bunch of Neanderthals.   You never know what they will come up with.   Poor people need drugs and alcohol, like a hole in the head.  I actually know little of what is going on- but I do know that people take drugs, and “hard” drugs.

Women who claim to have been harassed,  have never seen one of these pimps in action.  I’ve seen them kick a woman’s face in.  Throw the girl on the ground and kick their head in practically.   The women- they are crazy. They are more afraid of the pimp than anything.  I wonder if the police will even DO anything if they catch the dude, which is unlikely.  They have no address, no I.D. no nothin.  I just keep my door locked and won’t talk to anyone,  not around here, at least.   It’s insane.  It seems to be lessening, a little, and that is good.  There isn’t any justice for the poor, none at all.  I do not even think there is justice in the USA at all.  It’s like this sort of,  circus.  Like the day to day of a banana republic.  Unbalanced, and incongruent.

I am having my problems with carpal tunnel or something in my hand, got to go to the V.A…with it’s long lines, and uncaring doctors.   What a P.O.S. the USA is.  Unless you’re a Tea Party member, that is!

The Tea Party- they worked HARD at cheating the IRS and circumventing the Labor Laws.  How DARE that fuckin’  Obama even LOOK at them crosswise.. why they are the REAL Americans.  It’s all about hard work. Yup.

American Veterans are not REAL Americans.  They ain’t shit.  I wonder if old KC is even alive?  I had to boot her out.. I do not DARE let anyone near me in this ‘hood.  People are so desperate, who the hell knows what will happen.  I’ve literally had to force people OUT the door, of this mangy, crummy apartment.  It is awful.  However,  they’re not real people,  not real Americans.  They don’t have any fuckin’ money.

The landlords here are quick to evict, having been screwed over so many times.  People will loot the plumbing, do ANYTHING around here.  Hence, the long lines at the scrap metal place. When you get your car stolen, that is one of the first places cops will check.  That’s where they found mine, crushed at the scrap yard.

Then- YOU gotta pay hefty fees to get the car out of the Police impound lot.  They charge by the day, with a $125 minimum.  I didn’t even get mine out it was so wasted.  They had started crushing it, when the cops found it.

The parking ticket cops are out here making life hell on the poor.  Expired tags, etc, stuff that they can get ya for.  They make that poor pizza delivery woman’s life miserable, as she struggles to make a buck with that old, beat up Geo Metro.   The damn windows won’t even roll up.

The cops have either run off the miserable prostitutes, or, the women  have gone elsewhere.  There are slim pickin’s around here, let me tell ya.  The women can’t afford any food, much less the drugs they were constantly whanged out on.   Most of these poor women are burnt out anyways, on their last legs.  It is horrible to behold, and I have the softest spot for them.  Not soft enough to let ’em in the door, however.


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