The Turbo Cooker

There is a device called a Turbo Cooker.  Linda gave it to me, or rather sold it to me with a bunch of stuff, as the poor woman is selling her belongings to try to avoid eviction.

 These things are great, and work as advertised.  They are great to cook hot dogs in, meat loaf, or anything else.  This is not the same thing as the “Turbo Oven”.  These are not electrical, they work on the stove top.  They are large, like woks.. with a steam valve on top.  I love mine, and use it all the time.

It is rather hard to find recipes for this device.  Chef Randall has some expensive recipe cards for it.  There is a very active Turbo Cooker group on YahooGroups.  I have a link to a PDF that I will put in this article, it shows how it works, it is pretty good.  It is simple when you get the hang of it.

It is one of the most useful cooking tools that I have.  I use that thing EVERY day.  I love the steamer function of it, to use it to steam a hamburger bun quickly (about 30 seconds).   I also love it to cook chicken.  I use some oil and brown it,  then steam fry it.  Works great on dishes such as Chicken casseroles.  It is my number one utensil. 


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