You can help people, Sometimes

Helping the Homeless.. can be dangerous, as in this article,  where a homeless man stabbed another homeless man.  This happened about a mile from me, a couple days ago.  You never know what you are gonna get.  They were fighting over a loaf of bread, and one man accused the other one of putting something in the bread, and stabbed him.

It’s not always the homeless, though.  People will do horrible things, if they have a mind.  Yesterday, a guy got killed because his pit bull got loose.   That is why I am leery around here.  The suburbs are no better.  The rich shoot each other, sue each other.  The poor like to club,  stab, and steal.

There are many people running around Northeast with warrants.  The cops and courts don’t seem to do shit, not really.  They get out of prison and they just run up another score.  FINALLY.. they will get caught.  This is the way of many of the homeless; they are in some sort of trouble.    Or, they are “busted, disgusted, and not to be trusted.”  I do not want to be there when their inner volcano blows.

Because of this lackadaisical situation,  Northeast and the inner city is very dangerous to live in.  It touches everyone’s life.  The Missouri Judicial system claims this great recidivisim rate- but that is not the case.  They just bury their head in the sand, until the activities becomes so blatant they are forced to act.  Or, they will be caught in some minor beef.  Possession, etc.  It is an industry in Northeast, and it ain’t a very nice one.  It is survival, I guess.  The natural order of things.  The “natural order” of man on this planet is a pretty strange one.  Some of the most sociopathic, selfish, and flat out crazy people are running the world.   People that are not particularly beneficial to society as a whole, run the place.

Many people in the community are nuts, and I mean REALLY nuts.  I think the whole world is nuts, if you want my opinion.  The politicians are no different than the thugs down here.  Same deal.  Gaddafi a selfish crook.  So are the republicans.  Selfish bastards, who have a place in my heart right alongside Gaddafi.

Social life in the United States is extremely volatile.  Despite their unemployed status,  people will argue, litigate, and fight at the drop of a hat, regardless of the consequences.  Help people around here, and you do not know what you will get.  Often, you will get your hand bitten.

People are incredibly beat up around here.  Just hanging on, and barely.  They get abused, and they abuse themselves.   Many of them,  I can’t even believe they are still alive.  These are not a bunch of young punks, but people in their 40’s and 50’s.

I talk to Fred today, we are talking about blood sugar, he said Bambi’s blood sugar would get up to 400-500.  When he took her to the hospital one time (this might be the time she went into a coma).. it was off the scale..they could not even measure it it was so high.  People have incredible problems.  All Social Security and Medicare do is give people shit.

Is the country going to the dogs?  The USA went to the dogs long ago, starting with Ronald Reagan.  Now it’s “we” are going to have to tighten our belts.  Translation- get ready poor people, they are going to fuck you even more than they are right now.


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