Using Cheap Rolls of Ground Turkey

I got some cheap rolls of Ground Turkey,  the “Carolina” brand of ground turkey at Sav A Lot for $1.   So I decided to try to make them.  I used this recipe here.. “Actually Delicious Turkey Burgers“,  from  I was very skeptical.  Thinking the ground turkey would sort of stink, or be just.. too.. not like hamburger.

I was pleasantly surprised.  The turkey burgers cooked up sort of white, they look like ground pork.   The texture is identical to hamburger,  almost. The ground turkey does NOT shrink,  at least any that I can tell.  It  makes more patties per pound than hamburger does.    I cooked them in Olive Oil, of course.

These turkey burger recipes almost universally use an egg, and some bread crumbs, and this one was no different.   Turkey needs stuff so it will hang together, the consistency is much finer than beef.  It had chopped fresh parsley in it, soy sauce,  worcestire,  powdered beef bullion,  garlic powder in addition to the bread crumbs and egg.  It was a winner.  Still was slightly bland, but just as good as burger, and you can’t tell it is poultry.

I cooked it to 190F to make sure that it was safe, in a pan on the stove.  I didn’t make a bun, since this was a experiment, cheap at $1.  I used ketchup on the side, and it was very good.. I’ll bet you could make a “stovetop meatloaf” out of this stuff.

When you mix it up, the turkey is pink, and very “gloopy“.  I was very skeptical when I added it to the pan.  It is very liquid, and the patties you make are not firm at all.   The consistency is like pizza dough.  The turkey depends upon the ingredients you put in it for it’s flavor.

The turkey sort of gloops into the pan, in very loose, pink patties.  Make a depression in the center, so they will not bunch up.   It fried up really nice.  I checked mine with a meat thermometer so it will be safe.

People put feta cheese and everything else in it.   It is healthier, and the price is right.  You don’t have to bother with the more expensive Honeysuckle turkey.  The cheap kind they sell in rolls does nicely.  I am going to put it into some beans.

Next time I’ll use more beef bullion, and I will add a little balsamic vinegar.  I am happy with this experiment, it will save on my food bill, and is healthy.  A lot of people can’t make the transition to the ground turkey, but I found it to be pretty good.

The taste is meaty, very “burgery”.  It can’t stand up to a the best hamburger..but it is far better, I mean FAR better than a frozen “Bubba Burger” patty.  Far better than cheap 75% hamburger.  The herbs in this recipe, parsley and pepper, garlic powder, worked very well.   The turkey burger tastes nothing like regular turkey.   It is good, in it’s own right.  It is not fatty, there is very little fat in the turkey burger, if any.  This is why it is blander than hamburger.

This Turkey patties digested well, better than hamburger, and digested quickly.  They are good cold, from the refrigerator.  The only thing,  turkey is scarcer now, due to the massive Cargill recall.  I might wait for it to drop in price before I buy up 10 rolls of it.  At 99 cents a pound it is quite a bargain.  I wish I would have tried it before now.


3 thoughts on “Using Cheap Rolls of Ground Turkey

  1. turkey burgers tonight I have used ground turkey in everything that you use ground beef in for forty years, now to be a so called ugly bird it sure has a cute quality taste, its just wonderful especially the carolina ground turkey really, really good . it’s a turkey’s world burger. AUGUSTA,GEORGIA. style 1 roll of carolina ground turkey chopped onions fine if you like 1 egg , 3 slices of wheat or white sandwich bread just tear it up as small as you can use your fingers, morton lite salt is what I use; salt and black pepper to taste, mix just like hamburger roll and pat burgers to your thickness , add about 3 caps, of canola oil to frying pan, low to medium heat ,don’t forget to flip as you would any burger.’enjoy with lettuce, tomato, bacon, ketchup,mustard mayo, cheese, anything dressing.


  2. You’re kidding me. That stuff is foul as Satan’s poop! It is vile! It smells vile like human decomp I don’t care what spices you put in it, if you don’t eat roadkill on the regular, you’re going to vomit. Stinks up the house and pans like chitterlings and such! I ended up here because I wanted to out them!!!


  3. I agree with June R. This stuff is the worst tasting “food” I have had in a long time. It leaves a terrible aftertaste and aroma. I tried to make a meatloaf out of it, and after 1.5 hours on 350° F it still didn’t get done. It has the consistency of dog food, but it probably doesn’t taste as good. No wonder it was on sale for 79 cents a pound at Save A Lot. I think I will crumble up the meatloaf and add it to some spaghetti sauce. Hopefully, the sauce will mask the horrid taste. I would not recommend this to anyone.


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