A Night in a Abandoned House

Got KC sacked out in the back bedroom.  She spent the night before in a abandoned house, she don’t even have a flashlight.  She is telling me she was in there, then a family of raccoons waltzed in.  Her eyes are big and her arms go wide as she says, “That thing was about THIS big!”.

She is bummed out because she left her miserable bag of clothes there,  Jesus.  I am making some essential oil treatment for her scalp where she got her hair pulled out.   The essential oils work well.  The tea tree and eucalyptus I put in cheap baby shampoo from the $1 aisle, and make some really GOOD body wash out of it.  I make good insect repellent with it.  It works.  The citronella and cedarwood work well, and it is cheap.   Just a few drops and some emulsifier like Polysorbate 20 (which is pretty cheap).  It repels bugs, however it doesn’t kill.  Man NOTHIN’ will kill the bugs around here.

They pound and spray at these bugs around here worse than the rebels pound at Gaddafi, and still they come back.   The citronella works pretty good, but I still seem them, however, they are FAR less.

FEW PEOPLE, if ANY know what happens around here,  it seems like. About how people live.   No one has a clue.  People get murdered, get mangled in accidents, and no one gives a shit.

The “news” is all about Jennifer Aniston’s haircut, or those ass hole Republicans.  Every time KC comes over she wants to see what “Jennifer Aniston” is doing,  makes me incredulous.  I will say “who gives a f* what Jennifer Aniston is doing?”.   I am more worried about that Psycho Rick Perry, or ANY of the republican Psychos, for that matter.  I am more worried about getting mugged, or the A/C going out on me in this heat.

I asked Bambi about the abandoned houses one time.  She said people would go outside to relieve themselves.  They’d get a old trash can in there and build a fire.  According to KC certain houses, would be certain people’s “turf”.  She said it almost smugly, like it’s some kind of club that I had to meet some criteria to join in.  *groannn*


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