Nobody Give a Damn- About Nobody Else

That is what I think.  I think my fellow americans, are a bunch of jerks, that is what I think.  SELFISH.  Arrogant.  Vain.  I am not particularly- patriotic.  Patriotic- about what?

Only a few of the congressmen were ever in the military- especially the Republicans.  Why would I defend them?   They are as foreign to me as martians.

It ain’t just the politicians, either.  “America will get the government it deserves”- Jimmy Carter.  You know I liked Mr. Carter.  A do gooder, he seemed a good man.

People around here do one another all sorts of dirt, it is frightening really. Old Linda came over, selling her possessions, about to get evicted, all beat up from the man she “loved”.. her “loved one”.  He did a job on her, the poor woman will never be the same.  Ditto with poor Chris.  Chris has lupus, and her life is particularly shocking to me.  These chicks will kind of scam me,  hustle me, but I let ’em.  Man SOMEONE needs to help them.

Linda told me that yesterday, a guy approached her on the street, and asked her to help him steal the mirror off a guy’s van.  She didn’t know him from adam, and I believe her,  because such incidents have happened to me around here.

Linda’s waiting to get into Rose Brooks (a battered womens shelter), there is a LINE of gals wanting to get in there, as soon as there is a bed open.

We are having a talk, the subject is- about how nobody gives a damn, about nobody else.  We are mulling over the idea of letting a doctor operate on you.  The doctors are humans.  Since they are humans, they must be the same as the rest of the people in this world.

The Republican political race I find particularly disgusting.  I see them on TV and I get the same feeling of seeing a roach that I want to stomp.   What is particulary disgusting, is how people are just throwing money at these sociopaths.  The half truths that come out of their mouths, plus their plans for the treatment of the USA’s own citizens enrage me.   They have no clue, have no idea,  of how people can suffer in this country.


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