The New Restaurant- Flor de Chiapas at Indep. and Indiana

A new guy opened up at the Super Pollo at Independence Ave and Indiana.   (Now it’s the Flor de Chaipas).  I’ve gone there about four times now, and it’s a thumbs up on price,  and very good quality.  Their specialty is that Pollo Asado,  char broiled,  marinated chicken.  They are very good cooks.

He runs a taco special,  $1 each.  These are the lunch truck type tacos, served on a grilled, soft, corn tortilla.  The kind you get in Ciudad Juarez, and they are good.

I like this guy’s Pinto beans the best.  They are SIMPLE.  Not too watery.  Not too much onions and stuff in them.  The bean gravy is very good.  To me, they are just right.  He sprinkles a little cheese in them before serving.  I dunno whether he serves the refried beans, I never asked.   I wish I could make beans as good as he does.  I am going back to my “experiments”.

His beans are very simple.  My beans,  I am getting too fancy with ’em.

The rice they serve is good,  the best in town.  It is simple also.  That orange colored sort of spanish rice, and I think he puts a jalapeno peppre in the water, ‘cos the rice has a little “zing” to it.  Not a whole lot of spice, but just enough.  I like this dude’s cookin’!

The Pollo Asado is good, too.   Pollo Asado is very healthy.   I liked it with the cucumber sauce, the green sauce.  My only criticism is that they might need a better, chunky salsa, such as the one that El Pollo Loco has.

The price is very cheap, and the quality is as good as the more expensive places around here.  A whole Pollo Asado is $15.  A half, is $8.50.  A half order will really fill you up,  man I can barely eat it all.  The tacos are good.  The choice is ground beef,  steak (the best),  pork, and of course, chicken.  They have Sopes, which is sort of like a tostada- sort of.

This is very simple mexican food, but made with attention.

This corner used to be very bad for crooks, but the cops have cleaned out the hookers and dope dealers.  They are really going to town in this ‘hood.  You know what?  It is better.  Them hookers and dope dealers scared all the customers off.

KC told me that the guy that ran the old Super Pollo in this building, got busted with about a zillion pounds of drugs, hidden in the walls.   I don’t remember that one.   Just another scary story, in an ongoing horror story.

Well,  I hope these people stay out of trouble, ‘cos I love their cookin’.

I’ve gone there 4 times this week now.  Yummy!  It’s lots better than the lunch trucks.  Uh- this ain’t very frugal, but boy they are good..and cheap too.

Update:  The $1 tacos are only on Tuesdays now, but they are worth it.   On other days,  they are now $1.75- bummer.  When I went there,  a mexican hooker was lurking across the street.  Eh well.  The cops are really on them these days, and I am glad.  It’s they oldest profession, I will grant you that, but a lot of bad peripheral activity goes along with it.

8/16 Went there, the $1 Juarez style tacos are Muy Bien!  Five of them, steak with lime and a little cilantro, then back to the house for some Pintos that I cooked up in the crock pot (a great batch by the way)..Me and Angela scarfed ’em.. YUMMY.  Kissy Chris was down there.  I want to help her with her hair loss, but don’t know if any of those formulas  will REALY work.   It is too bad.  She has the nicest smile.  How she can smile at all, with the hell she goes through,  I will never know.


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