Like Spartacus

Ancient Rome, that’s what it’s like.  “oh there’s human trafficking!”.   There sure has been, for years and years in this country.   I go to the V.A. to get looked at, man the city hospitals are a better deal, and THEY are not that great.

Going to the V.A. hospital is quite dicey.

The health programs are complicated as hell.  They say you are making “too much money” for medicaid, other other health care programs.  Or, you are making too little.  It is maddening.

The hospital is this bureaucracy.  You are not going to a health care institution, but this bureaucracy.  The doctors hardly look at you, but look at their computers as they talk to you.   It is fuckin’ scary.  My Uncle Bob went into the V.A.  When they were done with him, he was blind.  He went in, but he didn’t come out.

The doctors hardly look at you, and they hardly listen to you.  Yup.  You were just one of the legions.. and not a “superpatriot” like George Bush, Dick Cheney,  Newt Gingrich,  Eric Cantor,  John Boehner, or any of ’em.

These people are as foreign to me as space aliens.

What is the root cause of it all?  The wonderful American people, treat one another,  like shit.  All the prostituting girls out there prostituting tonight were the product of some social dysfunction.   There are girls such as Breezy, whose own father turned her out.  Wonderful toughlove,  ah yes.  What a wonderful people.

Once they got busted with pot, or whatever, laws that  Bill Clinton enacted virtually stamps a scarlet ‘A’ on them.  They can’t even get food stamps.  They can’t get nothing, and so..they are out there.

Food stamps, can be hard to get.  When I first got injured,  I tried to get them, man it was a BITCH..and treated like shit?  Dear Lord they treat you like you were a dog.

At the V.A. I told the nurse, “yes we were there.. to DEFEND WHAT, and protect WHO?”  None of the present politicos served in any, way, shape of form, most notably in the Republican party.

Meanwhile, the local homeless are trying to beat the heat,  trying to cobble together whatever they can.. they are in the alley behind the Barcado’s Discount Liquors.   The cheapest pussy in the world is available right here in the USA.   “Anything you want, we got it right here in the USA.” 

I wouldn’t fight for this country,  wouldn’t go back active, if they would have me.   To defend WHAT.. is the great question.   How I wish the USA could export hypocrisy and get paid for it.  We’d be rolling in the money again.


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