The Poor Man’s Way to Keep Cool in this Heat

Once again, I am writing about a way to keep cooler in this heat.  It’s hot as blazes here, even with a A/C going full blast.  I learned this from the ‘net, then expounded upon it.

Get some ICY HOT, that mentholatum gel.  The generic version is simply called “Menthol Gel” at CVS pharmacy.  You can get a very cheap variety in the $1 section of your grocery store.  It has menthol in it.  Rub this on your face, armpits, behind the knee, thighs, and buttocks.  It will have this cooling sensation.  Right now it feels like I have a ice pack on my armpits.

Another way is to get Peppermint Essential oil,  put a few drops in some water, and rub it on you, or even bathe with it in the tub.  Very cooling stuff,  the best.  I am gonna get some little spray bottles and make a spritz with a few drops of it in the squirters, mixed with water.  Very soothing in this heat, and Lord it is hot.

According to this article,  the menthol and essential oil actually repels many insects, such as fleas.  I never thought of this aspect of it, but I know it cools you off.  I had written about it a long time ago, in a previous post, but now is a good time for a refresher.  I am out of the Peppermint Essential oil.  I just ordered 2 oz of it.   I use only tiny drops of the Peppermint oil,  it is very soothing for a bath in the summertime, especially a heat wave like we are presently enduring.

I am stockin’ up on essential oils.  Peppermint, Citronella, and Cedarwood.  This place has many roaches, and fleas from people’s dogs.  The Menthol Gel that I have spread on my body is repelling them, keeping them off of me.  Really works.   Gonna give these other types a try.

As I read, and read more about them, you can get inhalers for them, like Vicks inhalers.  You can put peppermint, lavender, and other refreshing essential oils in them (diluted with water).   There is a good info on this page about it,  Birch Hill Happenings.


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