The Pitfalls of being a Pack Rat

The poor sod upstairs got evicted.  He has C.O.P.D. (emphysema).  When he climbed up to his apartment up on Floor #3, he would make the most ghastly sounds in his lungs.  Just these great gulping wheezes, LOUD.. you could hear him down on the first floor.

His son Mike, and friends, spent days taking stuff out of there.  It must have been just piled to the ceiling, and bags of filthy trash were among them.  I was astonished at how much stuff they had up there.  They ditched some of the furniture, just dumped it on the curb.  The reason being- that furniture is just crawling,  just infested with fleas and other bugs.

Now, at 11:43 PM on my cheapo spy cam setup,  I see some packrats have swoomed in on this furniture.  It is too late for me to holler outside.  Those poor people are in for a shock.

Almost everyone in this ‘hood wears hand me downs, it is depression level type stuff.  Chris has been wearing this same cotton dress for three days now.  It is depressing.  Linda, the woman whose husband just beat her to a pulp, well she is to be evicted, and wants to get cozy with me.. the poor, poor woman.

I know that there is always the worse, but it is awful to see people go through, what they do.


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