Like People Drowning, are the Poor

That is what it is like living in Northeast.  It is like these people are drowning in a river, and keep coming up with the strength to come up for air just ONE MORE TIME.

The debate over Social Security.. WHAT SOCIAL SECURITY?  It will take a year, or more, to get it.. even if you have cancer or other serious health problems.

That is what I feel like.  Like I am drowning.  The other people around me, the are drowning even WORSE.. but I lend a hand down there.. to pull them up a little bit.

I give $3 to Samantha, who’s boyfriend beat the crap out of her so bad that  he broke a finger, a kneecap, and badly sprained her leg.  Samantha has Grand Mal seizures, sometimes several a day, and depends upon Truman Medical center to keep her alive.  The cops nailed her “boyfriend”.  He’s facing a Class C felony, filed by the cops, and Samantha can’t take if off of him.

Anyways… I give her some root beer, some cigarettes, and $3 for her bus fare.  I would like to see the Congressmen try this life on for size.  Especially my republican favorites.  Let Sara Palin try it on for size, and see how it suits her.


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