The “Rugged Individualists”

There are many “rugged individualists” in this ‘hood.  Well, some of them are still alive, at any rate.  Old Chuck had that diner.  For YEARS I have seen people try to make the diner in the bottoms profitable.  The rent is so high, and the people so fickle.  These guys usually work themselves to death.  Chuck had a heart attack.  He was a great cook.

That diner would get broke into all of the time too.. people would fight.  One guy had it, can’t remember his name, he was in a vendetta with some guys down there over a house he rented.  Pauly, that was the guy’s name. They started spreading rumours about the place.. dunno the reason why.   Where I worked, my boss bluntly told me.. “we don’t go over there to eat lunch!”.   I did one time anyways and got my ass chewed.  Pauly finally gave it up, and that place was EMPTY.. morning, noon or night.  No one would go over there!  So they closed the business down.  It was some sort of fight over a owner financed house.. some deal.

A good community needs infrastructure and support.  People do all sorts of things to one another,  there are many secret currents in this ‘hood.  Many secret debts,  many little deals.

I do not go to the bars, man,  I do not even go to the diners around here!  Many of them are like social clubs.  I like the food that I make at home better.  So I stay at home.

I do not know why people are afraid of the laws that the government passes.  They can’t enforce half of that shit.   Cops have known for years that the people that inform,  well they have their own reasons for snitching people out.  Revenge, sometimes.

This happened to Chuck when Mike, his crackhead cook,  borrowed $300 from his daughter, and smoked it up.   Chuck retaliated by taking the money out of his check.   So Mike called the health inspectors on Chuck, and got him fucked with.

Small business cannot absorb the losses that a corporation can,  and they don’t have the lawyers.   That is the way it is in our society, so COMPLICATED.  I swear this is the most complicated society on earth.

I’ve also seen city ordinances used for “revenge”.  Yep.  The workplaces, things are unstable, because people are unstable.

Men are not strong, but weak.  Just look at how it is.  Air conditioned Chicken Hawks are living in luxury, as they figure out now IF they are gonna screw the poor, but HOW they are gonna screw them.  No one cares in Washington about the American people,  none of them give a shit.  They are just squabbling over how to divide up the swag,  and make themselves look good.  It will never change, so I guess it has to be adjusted to, like the snow and the rain.

Bamboozle people with complications, then- rip ’em off.

I’ll always remember old Chuck.  He lost the dinner, then had his apple cart derailed when his doofus wife got a DWI.  This cost him a lot of money.. finally, he lost it all.  The last thing I heard was he said, “man, I just want a bus ticke to ANYWHERE..but here.”   Never heard from him again.   He was a great cook though,  that food was GOOD in his diner.

Now this one guy has it.   He is real cheap, and serves up the most boring swill.  But, he’s kept it going for a couple years now.  Dunno how!  The food is terrible.


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