Taking the Bus.. is not that great

Now that I am waiting anxiously on my car.. I decide to take the bus because I want to load up on cheapo Pizza Crust Mix at Sav A Lot.  There “Manteca Brand” (some name like that).. is very good, 2 for $1.oo.  It really makes a good pizza, if you like thin crust.

Sav A Lot is over on 3821 East Truman Road… I will be at Independence Avenue and Gladstone.  To get OVER ther, is not bad..21 minutes.  BUT.. to get back,  you got to take the bus clear down town.

The fare has gone up to $1.50.  There’s people around here that haven’t owned a car in 10 years.

The bottom line is, the bus transportation system is not practical for many americans.

Last night I dined with Tall Deb and Chris.. who scarfed all my pizza, then stole the last pizza mix bag I had.   Tall Deb has liver cancer, has had it for a long time, and Social Security has been jacking her around for a year.  She lives on peanut butter and Oatmeal.

Social Security, and other entitlement programs should be enhanced, not done away with. 


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