One Step Forward- 2 Steps Back

Me and Fred go to buy some stuff at the Sav A Lot.  I buy some stuff for me, then he puts a bunch of stuff for HIM in the shopping car.  People are like that, around here.  If you take someone to the store with you they’ll scam up on you.  It’s an old trick, one favored by the prostitutes.

We get the stuff, some pretty good deals!  Hot dogs on sale for 69 cents.. pizza crust mix, cheese.  Not a bad deal.  Sav A Lot is particularly good on potato chips.  They usually have a large selection, and the price is very low.

On the way back to the house, less than a mile a way, my damn car craps out.  I think it’s the fuel pump on it.  I was going up a hill, and the Low Fuel idiot light was on.  This will burn up a fuel pump.

Me and Fred walk about a mile down to the filling station, owned by some Pakistanis, and they are “out of fuel”.  Damn.  I get a ride from a guy that is there, a pakistani guy, but he won’t take Fred, who is black.  I dunno if this is racism, but it could be fear.  Two males, in THIS ‘hood?  People get robbed with such ruses,  even Fred got robbed one time.

I get some fuel, put it in it, but won’t start.  Could be not enough fuel.. could be, the fuel pump crapped out on it.  Could be- anything.  I gotta pay the tow bill along with the Bill, and I hope this mechanic is efficient, and merciful.  Don’t got the stuff to fix it myself.. since I don’t got a driveway.

So that’s how it is.  Like CRABS in a barrel.  One thing good is the ATA Bus, but the price is going up dramatically, to $1.50.  Man people were asleep on that bus,  and it is common for people just to ride around all day on the bus.

The ‘hood is filled with people with health care probelms.  Fred has a problem, COPD…he has to take inhalers, and that walk like to killed him.


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