The Poor and the Heat

Hot as a pistol, even with my old Window A/C blowin.. but man, I am one of the LUCKY ONES.  I really consider myself fortunate, ‘cos people are sleeping out of doors in this heat.   They are down at the store, trying to get spare change,  the girls selling their favors.

The REALLY luckless will sleep on those bus station benches, man it’s got to be hot as a oven out there.  It’s a good place for small time robberies.  The homeless will often rob each other.  A  couple of punches and kicks, and the homeless, often not in the best of health,  will be subdued quickly. This used to happen to Chris all the time.

My theory of the downtrodden:  Once you get crapped on,  people like to crap on you even more.

Freddy fixes up a A/C he found in the trash.  This man is very resourceful.  Bambi on him ‘cos he brings home so much JUNK.  Linda down there in the basement apt,  Fred’s supposed to be finding her one.  Freddy had one for her, but couldn’t get it to kick on.  I am so glad to have that A/C in this heat.

Freddy is pretty handy around the house.  He got a lot of stuff in there.. they are big on furniture and knick knacks *junk*.  BUT.. lots of it is pretty neat looking.  My crib is littered with tools, paints, and junk.  I go to the store quickly, then get back inside!

Actually, some of Fred’s knick knacks ARE pretty spiffy.  Bambi and Fred polish them faithfully.

No one knows if old Shane is gonna get evicted.  He tore the dickens out of his apartment again, and roughed up Tammy,  again.

There are a few people in this ‘hood that like this kind of stuff.  Physical intimidation.  Right now.. it is peaceful though.  It’s not only the ..punks, but rednecks that like to fight.   Some people, like to fight,  I guess.   Or at least, threaten.

“I’m old school”, says Shane.  He was in prison for a while.  To some of these people, it’s like a badge.  *groann*


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