The Republican ChickenHawks- Who never served

Here’s the list.  Includes John Boehner,  Roy Blunt, Ronald Reagan and others.  Yup.

Includes Bush, Rove, Gingrich, and all the rest.  Few, if any were enlisted men.   The list includes the flag waving Rick Santorum.  But what the hell.  The stupidest people on earth, the American public likes a little “crazyiness”, and they love hypocrisy.  It’s our favorite food.

The “Honorable” Eric Cantor, never served.   I voted for Obama though, and will surely vote for him again.  I am more enthusiastic about him than any president in my life.

Here’s another, maybe better page, where you can look up politicians.

Man..  Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Chris Matthews,  Pat Buchanon.. Even John Wayne.   Ted Nugent,  Toby Keith,  Charlie Daniels.. the list goes on and on.  Many, like Limbaugh dodged the draft.  So did Clinton.  It is disheartening, really.


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