High Crime Hood

Man.. the cops are over at the mexican grocer, bustin’ someone, for something.  This heat brings out the desperation in people.   I go to the 7-11 and pick up some pepsi.  A girl is in there, pretty shapely, and is looking through those $1  “Most Wanted” papers.  She says: “you never know who’s a snitch”.

She asks me if we are “going somewhere” after we get done with checkout, but I’d rather have the chicken breasts that I am broiling, that are cooking as I buy the two liter bottles of Pepsi.  Cars are moving around.  It is a  mixed neighborhood, it is getting to remind me of Los Angeles.  There are lots of nigerians,  mexicans, blacks, whites, indians.. whatever.  NONE of ’em speaking the same language.

People will fight at the drop of a hat in this ‘hood, so I am always ready to run, and boy I give people a wide berth, and lots of respect.

She says, “I been workin’ all day, and it’s hot out there”.  By “working” I assume she means prostituting, by her demeanor.

Last night that kid got run off.. his momma run him off.  He was going nuts on some other people, claimed there was a body in here.  Just weird.  I like his momma.  She keeps them kids on the straight and narrow boy,  watches ’em like a hawk, the two younger ones, that is.

In the spooky night, the high crime reputation, and this nasty heat, there is a  expectation of evil,  and violent events in this ‘hood.

I am gonna find me a job, and go back to the road.  It is not so much the poverty of the area, but I just can’t stand watching what happens to people.  I am SAFER  out on the roads, with all it’s dangers.

I watch the Lexi St. George video, about a young girl’s fantasies, come true.  It’s all right.  THEN, I think of how life is around here for poor women like Chris.  Like the kid who’s momma won’t let him stay with her anymore.  Like it IS around here.  Like- what people DO to one another in the real world.

It isn’t so much the physical abuse that people suffer.. it’s their broken hearts and dreams,  that are the saddest thing to behold.


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