The Horror Story of People’s Lives

You can go to the housing wanted section of Craigs List and see what people are up against.  It often gets worse than that, as people have every sort of problem thrown at them.  They get whisked away in tornadoes,  lose their jobs, etc.

Housing can be far worse than this.  Many people let out rooms to the homeless around here.. $10 a night, sometimes.  Usually these are crack people, dope people.

I search and search all night, reading about things.  Writing,  CMS’s.. FLASH programming.. still it don’t get me no where.

Meanwhile.. heh.. THE SHIT IS HITTING THE FAN.

We’re doing all right around here.  For NOW I guess.   Yup.  I am making another hamburger, and boy that last one was very good.  The cheap Aldi buns are surprisingly soft and good,  the slice of tomato excellent, with some French’s mustard.   Then, I drink some black tea.

My poor Aunt Norma in the back of my mind, she has cancer in her spine and lungs, and is at KU Medical center now.  Sweetest woman,  not prone to the vice that I see constantly around here.   It’s taking it’s toll on my poor Uncle Danny.

Bambi and Fred, little by little, reveal their lives.  I can’t believe Fred had to wait THREE years to get his social security.  His teeth fell out from the diabetes.  He and Bambi can just gum their food.  When Chris came by the other day, she had signs of a fresh beating.  Big old scabs on her forehead and cheek, and a large one on her back.  She told me she’d got thrown from a car.

Americans just pass that buck.  They pass it and pass it.  This society,  American society, disgusts me really.  There was no military fervor when I was in the military.  Since the Reagan years,  patriotism is back in style.  Patriotic about what?  People that treat one other like shit, constantly?   The attacks in 9/11 were just another soul destroying event, among many such events.



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