The Struggles of People

I was watching the “Future Weapons” videos.   About all the neato stuff, neato things to kill people, blow them up, etc.  What is more eye opening is the activities of agencies such as Social Security.

Basically- you dont’ got it.  You’ll wait a damn year just to talk to them.  Workmen’s comp?  You had better think like a lawyer, you’ll have to document every step of it.

Diabetes is soaring in the USA and world wide.  Still, all goverments think of, are ways to kill one another and blow things up.

Then there is the matter of crime.  Out and out street crime.  You can get killed, right here.  So why go overseas to get killed?  It is more efficient to get murdered right here, than it is to go overseas.  Why should I go overseas?

If I want to fight, well there’s one right here, that’s for sure.

Plenty of people fight the battle every day..just to keep cool, or warm.  Just to have food and medicine.  Just to SURVIVE.

A terrorist can kill you, but so can a criminal.  There are lots of them around.  Every once in a while, some one blows up and goes nuts.  We are an object society, and people treat each other, as objects.

People treat one another as though, they were made of steel, but *surprise*.. that’s not the way it is at all.

Freddy waited 3 years to get his Social Security.. he’s a diabetic,  he also damn near had to go on dialysis.   Them fuck heads don’t care.  Unless one o’ THEM gets a taste of it.  Then the congress and media is shitting it’s pants with ‘concern’.


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