Life’s Strange Scenarios

There are so many strange scenarios in this world.  I was reading about the Octuplet lady.. holy cow.   I was thinking of Damian, a 9 month old I saw while I was down swimming at the Budd park pool.  I like to jump in,  just like the kids do.  Well, what are we down there for?

Only 9 months old, and the other kids with their fat little cheeks,  so cute in there.  Learning how to swim by jumping into the arms of their fat mothers.  Damian’s mother is a single mom, and it makes me wonder.. what is going on in this world.

It just IS.. I guess.  It is, what it is.  The women around here flit around from man to man, well, many of them do.  Many are prostituting.   They run the circuit of these churches to get food for their families, thank GOD for the churches, and the work that they do!  Thank GOD for them.

This is one good thing about America.  I just think America could be a lot better.  More.. human, instead of the desire for more money.. more.. and more.  Jeez HOW much does a person need?  Then you feel bad.  You feel bad because you do not have a new car.   Because Clint Eastwood is way ahead of you.. and you will never catch up.   So is Bill Gates.  So is Jean Claude Van Damme.

I mean.  The WONDER of it all.  It is not like it is just in the paper around you. You encounter the astonishing a lot with other people.

You wonder at how people, have the strength to endure.   That is what I think of Chrissy.  It’s like the world just CRAPPED right on her.  This is what I hate about America.  It’s like this gladiator arena.  There is like this.. coldness about it.  This cold bloodedness about the U.S.A. that I dislike.  I guess it is the same all over the world.   Even the Thais are fighting now.

Anyways.. I look at Damian, and he looks back at me.  Just nine months old..the time before,  he knows the world.   Before the world, starts feeding him full of crap, that is.  I hope his life is a wonderful one, full of many joys.

The adults are talking, their egos and bullshit echoing.  I am with Angela who is a real god squadder, who is always saying praise God every other breath.  Then- she talks about the fight she got in at the other church.  Adults are full of.. this ego.  She talks and talks about God and her experience- then does the same old stuff.   She has the same attitudes, the same thoughts, does the same old activities, but now she has God.

Damian ain’t full of nothin’.   He’s checkin it out.. his head bobbing on his rubbery little neck.  He tries a few experimental splashes.  That kid is the most interesting person in the whole place.

He’s also far more interesting than the God damned republicans, who would take the candy out of his mouth. 


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