Nobody uses Androids around here

Nobody owns a Android around here.  No one could figure out how to use one, much less a computer.    Chrissy “claims” to have her masters degree, but she can’t use a computer from square one.. can’t get onto Yahoo mail, to check for mail that her relatives never send her.

She told me she’d been sleeping in a abandoned house, or over at Tall Debs.  I let her sleep in my back room, and put the fans back there to move the A/C through the house.   I am leery of letting ANYONE this close to me around here.

I can only imagine what it is like in one of those places,  with the air hot and still.  Her frickin’ relatives have abandoned her, really.  So much for the “Christians”.   Like Michele Bachmann.

MONEY is the GOD of the United States…period.  So why are people freaked out at Whitey Bulger.  They act like they are – surprised.  Like it is something surprising.

People value computers around here- to rip off and sell, that is.  Many people are staggering around so out of it,  clueless and benighted, and the rich people like it that way.

Especially as far as the judicial system goes, especially as far as their rights. Matt Blunt took that away from them.  It’s a tossup as to which republican I detest the most.

The democrats leave a lot to be desired.  It’s like this “UniParty” .. of corporate interests.  Now it’s going to be “whip the Syrians”,  I suppose.  But don’t call me.  Nope.


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