The Mediocre are my Inspiration

I go on the programming forums, where these geniuses with 64bit minds are figuring out scripts for Flash games.   They are awesome.  Clever chaps indeed.

But mediocre people abound, and are very successful.  Such as Danny DeVito cast as Jimmy Hoffa’s bodyguard.    People that are not that good, they are not that bad,  are highly successful.  Now, I dunno if Danny DeVito is “mediocre”.  He’s really funny.  But he isn’t tall, dark, handsome, or muscular.  He isn’t fiery, he isn’t forceful.

What I am getting at, is average people, whose success is astonishing.

The republicans I would call exceptionally mediocre.    Cunning. but not exceptional.  They sure get a big slice of the pie, a huge share.   The rest of us live like these peasants, on the crumbs left over.

So how come the most mediocre people are running the world?   Looney bin Michele Bachmann.. dope dealers,  and thugs.  Gaddafi.  This dickhead gets to shape the fate of millions of people.   Most of the people that Google News keeps cramming down my throat.  Politicians plotting against one another, in non stop vanity and jealousy.

I would prefer to just ignore politicians, but the damage they do is far reaching and substantial.

However, their mediocrity gives me hope, that I can muddle through somehow.

Meanwhile, these local people around here,  are a study in misery.  I guess it IS a great country- for some.  But for others, it is completely the opposite.  It is very much like the third world countries I visited in while in the U.S.N.

Even “The Duke” was drunken, draft dodging, man who changed his name, then became the great American hero of all time.

Nothing,  seems to succeed,  like mediocrity.  I guess, nothing, is as it seems.


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