Man, how did Hugh Hefner do it?

Man.. how did these guys do it?  How did Hugh Hefner do it?  How did Bill Gates do it?  The rest of the people are just at one another’s throat.. like dogs in an alley.  Like cats in the trash.

People are staggering around here half dead, on their last legs.  The fuckin’ hospital and food stamp lady, why they just look right down their nose at you.   Same way with “Social Security”, which tortures you half to death, makes you wait, gambling that you will croak off before you can collect.

Hefner is all right, but he does not seem a particular genius.  Like a great scientist or whatever, and he has outlasted them all.    Still cavorting around with the most beautiful women he can find.

This whole neighborhood is like these starvin’ cats.  Competitive, boy.  There are plenty of people around here that want to play ‘gangster’.  They are horrible,  I wish the cops would get rid of them.


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