Third World in the Third Rate USA

Whitey Bulger gets caught, at age 81.  Well that’s a lot farther than anyone I know made it.  They’re all dead.  They died from cancer, heart attacks, and accidents.  People live here until they are 72?  Man FEW of them made it that far.

Lawyers that will help you in court- heh, if there’s money in it for THEM.  No one gives a shit about anything in this country, except for themselves.   WHO is the biggest crook, that is the question.  A profound question, indeed.

The government, that is supposed to protect us from one another, well it’s just melded into this sort of.. guild.

The homeless, clueless, hopeless people that get nailed again and again around here, man it’s awful really.

The latest murder,  that cop that responded to the call at Roberts and Bales said it was the worst thing he’d ever seen.   The kid’s face was blown clean off.

The homeless, lost beggars around here ought to be showcased.  Instead,  I keep reading about Jennifer Aniston’s haircut.  How would you like to go to the bathroom outside like a dog.. how would you like it eh?  You’ll see that around here.   People taking a dump like a aborigine or something.  Even, people fornicating in the alleys.

Why, oh why, are we worried about Libya, Iraq, Pakistan, etc..and their “morality” that we are going to fix for them.

RIGHT HERE is where is enough hypocrisy to fill up a novel as big as war and peace, as big as the bible.  Instead, we are “teaching the world about freedom and justice.”

The court system is a dicey joke that has nothing to do with the truth of a situation.  By the time it goes through the courts and through the lawyers, it is twisted beyond recognition.

The USA is a pretty country.  Lakes, mountains, forest.  It’s nice.

Can’t say much for the people living here, though.   They are nutty, and often downright dangerous.


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