Stencyl- the gloves are off for Flash Programmers

I’ve been working and surfing all night working on my game, a mystery game.  I found a game engine called Stencyl, and boy.. that thing is the cat’s meow!  

I’d downloaded every game engine I could get:  3D Game Studio,  NeoAxis, Unity,  Irrlicht Engine, DXStudio, Construct, and others.  I worked with Flash scripting engines such as PushButton Engine,  Flixel, DAME for Flixel,  FlashPunk,  and the tools to work with them, Visual C++, Visual C#,  Eclipse,  CodeBlocks, and others.

Man.. I couldn’t get it off the ground.  Over my head, and I had programming school (back in the day).. got certifications, and U.S.N. Eletronics schools.  Was struggling with learning these engines.

THEN.. I read online about Stencyl.  It’s the cadillac, the cat’s meow!  It DOES require some coding, but has a “Design Mode” where you snap little blocks of code, and you don’t have to worry about syntax errors, and all those inscrutable statements.   I have had some “all night problems” trying to figure out coding, but it’s coming right along!

Game engine programming is challenging.  You also have to  pay attention to graphics formats, and you pick up skills with utility programs to make it easier to get your project off of the ground.  These chores really eat up the time.  I work on my game, and the script for it for hours and hours.

The community, so far, is very helpful.  I’ve even written a couple of small behaviors and added to the fast growing StencylForge library.  This is a library of code for Stencyl projects;  behaviors such as “follow mouse” “text colors”,  “Cut Scenes”, etc.   You just snap these blocks into your Scenes, or sprites, and away you go.

You can make slick, professional games that export to FLASH with this engine, and it has extensions to export to other platforms.

Unity might be slicker, but Stencyl is FREE.  Maybe it is just me, something clicked, but I am moving right along.. my first project will be ready soon.  Unity is a 3D program anyways, but it is the cadillac right now of 3D engines, but it has a price to boot, and a huge learning curve compared to Stencyl.  Unity has a “pushbutton’ coding engine, but it costs $99 extra.  Which really, is not bad  The full feature version of Unity costs $1500.   Even with this outlay of money, it is not a sure thing.  You still have to learn, and keep learning.


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