All the “News” I dont want to read

Google news keeps bringing up articles from that Shit factory “Wall Street Journal”.   No, I do not care what Marlo Thomas thinks about the devastation of Maria Shriver.   Those chicks ought to live around here,  they’ll go runnin’ back to old Arnie.  And then… there’ s  Justin Bieber, who is tired of fucking Jennifer Aniston, who got a new haircut.

What I DO care about, is how Jennifer made a ton of money with her movie..”Marley and Me”, which is about the stupidest movie I ever saw.

Where do they come up with this shit?

I do not care about who John Weiner, shows his weiner to.  I am interested in how he votes.  Same way with Arnold Scwharzenegger,  sticking his weinerschnitzel into the cleaning lady.  Now, a article about what a creep he is, who hates the poor,  now that is something to me.

I want a president who likes injured truck drivers, that is what I want.

I want a president who- cares about what people go through.  The veterans, and the people that make the wheels turn,  like the postman and the cooks.  The mechanics and the waitresses.

I am not interested in the Jonas Brothers, gang banging Wynona Judd.  Who gives a damn?  I do not care about Whitey Bulger, having a affair with Sara Palin.  Man, who are these people?

What I do care about, is the odds of making it down to the Fast Stop without getting plugged.  Wondering , if my car will be out there when I wake up in the morning.


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