Still, there are Many Blessings

Man.. I thank God that I can even breathe, that my intestines are even working.    Go to the V.A. hospital, you will meet many people in the same boat.  Meanwhile, at night the helicopters drone overhead, and the sirens wail.

My Cam system has worked o.k.  We keep the crackheads out of the building.  It is not so much their habit, but the fact that they are ALWAYS fighting among themselves.  Ripping each other off for dope, they can be heard sometimes, screaming at one another outside.  “Either give me my money, or give me my fuckin’ dope.”.   Those thugs moved along, thank god.

Anyways.. butter cookies are nice, cheap too.  I eat a can of spinach, with vinegar and butter, and it is nice.

I am working now with Stencyl, which is a program only 10 days old, a game engine program for Flash and it is very good.   It is my learning program.  I like adventure/puzzle/hidden object games,  mystery games.

I listen to Dick Sutphen, Anna Wise, and other spiritualist MP3’s.  I drink Camomile tea, with honey and it is very good.


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