Think you Have Social Security or Workmens Comp? Think Again

Social Security you will have to wait a year, or more before you even get a hearing.  Then, you practically have to be dead to get it.  Same thing with Workmen’s comp, at least in the Slave State of Missouri.

They act like you should be PUNISHED for being sick.  Like you did something wrong!  If you get hurt in Missouri, you have to document every bit of it, and be injured in their “prescribed” manner.  The least pain, the least palpitation, you had better document.

Do they protect me from crime?  FUCK NO.  Especially when you are talking corporate crime.  They’ve made the laws now, so if you are sick, like a sick cow.. they just leave you to rot.  Do they protect your rights in the workplace? FUCK NO.  Corporate crime is insidious, and worse, maybe far worse than street crime.

If you work as a trucker for a owner operator, YOU BETTER THINK TWICE when they say,  “well, you’ve got workmen’s comp!”.   It’s like pulling hen’s teeth in Missouri.

Sick or injured? MAN.. you just DON’T GET sick.  That’s American’s health care.. thanks to the god damned Republican party.

When I worked at AT&T co workers would barf right in the trash can, because of their “no sick”  policies.. “YOU JUST DONT GET SICK”.  You couldn’t get off for jury duty, you couldn’t get off to show up in court, no nothin’.  This was a Union place too.

Well, I could tell the politicians in Washington, “Well you just DON’T GET BOMBED“.. and that’s that.  Don’t fuckin’ call me with your bullshit.  Been there, done that.. to defend.. WHAT?   To protect- who?

I didn’t even like Bill Clinton.  He was the same crap, and I am thinking, so is Obama!  They are all the same.

At the V.A. there are guys there that are just fighting social security tooth and claw.. stressing the shit our of their lives, when they are at their most vulnerable time.   Guys in wheelchairs, with oxygen tanks and everything else, and they have to wait and wait, and fight like tigers.

No one gives a shit about anyone else.  It’s like this banana republic of self interest.  They don’t give a shit.. until the whip comes down on THEM, that is.


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