Northeast is Nice- when it is peaceful

I went swimming today with Angela at one of the city pools.  There was no one there, and the Dr. says I need to exercise.  There was almost no one there, and that was one of the most pleasant days I have had around here.  Before, I was gone nearly all the time, driving over the road.  I hope I never have to do that again, drive over the road.  I could write pages about this all consuming experience, that is not worth it.  It ain’t worth it.  I’d rather be picking up cans than drive over the road.

Now if they would get rid of the crooks, dope dealers and stuff.  I do not care what people say, dope causes lots of problems.  So does alcohol.  So does- a bad attitude.

I go to the mexican grocer to get some hamburger.  I really like the hamburger there.  It’s advertised as 85% lean, and by golly it cooks up really good.  It’s been $2.29 a week there, while fruit has almost doubled, so I have been living off of that burger. I am trying to eat healthy, so I do not eat potatoes anymore, but fruit and vegetables, from the store.  It’s cheaper.    It really isn’t too bad.  Now, I think I had better find a local trucking job, if I can.   I hope that I can DO that job again, after that surgery.

It was NICE down at the pool!  No prostitutes, no gunshots,  no drugs, no booze, no cursing, no..paranoia.


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