Metals in the Inner City

0:400 Right now I am watching as a guy goes through the trash bags that are out for the garbage man in this morning.   Precious metals are a big source of underground cash in the inner city.  Just like the break in next door, a few nights ago.  They were probably in there looking for metal such as copper pipe.

My little mini cam is working well.  With the zoom lens I can see the guy clearly,  not his face, but his clothing and what he is doing.   As long as he cleans the mess up, well I won’t beef to the cops.  He’s out there with a shopping cart, eh good luck to him.   Hopefully, he won’t get robbed by one of the others lurking out there, who is more- predatory minded.  Me I am drinking camomile tea, after setting up a Code Blocks compiler with Irrlicht.  Boy that little mini cam works good- for what I paid.  The IR works really good on it.

He finishes up, and tidies up, God bless him, he puts the trash back the way it was.   I am reading about Aaron Spelling, and the sale of his home, interesting fellow.  When I watch the guy I think of poor Chris, and some of the other less fortunates around here.

Scrap is a big industry.  I used to haul scrap, from KC Iron, and there was all sorts of intrigue there.  We’d have these “blind” shipments, where the source of the metal was not disclosed.  Something about people undercutting one another, or reselling, or not revealing their source.

Recycling metal is big, and there have been several large thefts of copper, one from the railroad, that was very large, $1,000,000 worth, I think.   Other, kind of thugs, will steal plumbing from the abandoned houses.  Sometimes, bad things happen.  Some people were found dead over in the East bottoms one year,  in a spooky abandoned building down by Colombian steel tank,  reportedly thieves that were stealing copper.


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